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  • FREE shipping over RM80 for WM, RM120 for EM!
  • Get FREE Skin & Body Care Set (Worth up to RM31) When You Spend RM70 and Above. [Limited to First 20 Redemptions]

Premium Perfume Laundry Innerwear Detergent 网红香氛洗衣液 内衣内裤香氛抗菌清洁剂

RM 29.90



▶▶ Product Details : 

Specially designed for underwear development and formulation, multiple surfactants through scientific compounding, synergistic effect, break down stubborn solid stains
专为内衣开发和配方设计的产品,通过科学的复合技术提供多种表面活性剂, 协同作用,深入织物,易于分解顽固的固体污渍。
Contains natural coconut oil, neutral PH, low foam easy to float, gentle and more suitable for hand washing
Natural enzyme formula with high activity protease (enzyme), effectively remove blood stains, milk stains and other protein stains
Do not contains phosphor whitening agent
No chlorine bleaching component

▶▶ Net Content : 

▶▶ Fragrance Options : 


Top note : Bergamot, Orange
Middle note : Tea, Blackcurrant
Base note : Sandalwood, Musk


Top note : Rose, Geranium
Middle note : Palmarosa
Base note : Patchouli, Oak Moss, Honey


Top note : Orange, Tea
Middle note : Freesia
Base note : Leather, Apricot

▶▶ Ingredients :
Water, sodium lauryl alcohol polyether ester sulfate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether-7, coconut oil, potassium soap, alkyl glucan, fatty alcohol polyoxethylene ether-9, EDTA-2 na, lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase, pectinase, sweet atmosphere, rice essence, pomelo (CITRUS GRANDIS) PEEL EXTRACT, Daisy (BELLIS PEREN-NIS) flower extract, tea (CAMELLIA SINENSIS) leaf extract
水,月桂醇聚醚硫酸钠,脂肪醇聚氧乙烯醚-7,椰子油,钾皂,烷基葡聚糖,脂肪醇聚氧乙烯醚-9,EDTA-2 na,脂肪酶,蛋白酶,淀粉酶,纤维素酶,果胶酶,甜美的气氛,大米香精,柚子(CITRUS GRANDIS)皮提取物,雏菊(BELLIS PEREN-NIS)花提取物,茶(CAMELLIA SINENSIS)叶提取物

▶▶ How to use :

Hand Wash 手洗
10g of laundry detergent can be added to 5L of water
Machine Wash 机洗
Normal volume, can add 20g of laundry detergent
Prewash 预洗
for the stubborn stain, the appropriate amount of detergent directly smear there, leave a few minutes with other clothes according to the conventional washing method

▶▶ Caution :
1. Keep away from fire hazard and reach of children
2. This product is not designed for internal use

▶▶ Note : 
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▶▶ Information : 
Partners / Manufacturer : Verbena Linn
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore
品牌官方授权 | ab.n.cstore
经品牌授权零售 / 产品均为官方直供

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