• FREE shipping over RM80 for WM, RM120 for EM!
  • Get FREE Skin & Body Care Set (Worth up to RM31) When You Spend RM70 and Above. [Limited to First 20 Redemptions]
  • FREE shipping over RM80 for WM, RM120 for EM!
  • Get FREE Skin & Body Care Set (Worth up to RM31) When You Spend RM70 and Above. [Limited to First 20 Redemptions]

Shipping Fee

We are now offering home delivery shipping services to only Malaysia.

Below are our shipping charges :
**subject to change without prior notice

West Malaysia : RM8
East Malaysia : RM15

We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders above RM40 (West Malaysia) and RM90 (East Malaysia)。

Delivery Duration

All our products are ready stock and ready to be shipped within 1-2 days upon payment verification. Once your package is ready to be shipped, we ship it through J&T Express. With J&T Express, You can expect your new favourites should take 3-5 days (West Malaysia) and 5-7 days (East Malaysia) to arrive at your door.   

Though most of the orders are deliver on time, there might be scenarios where customers might experience some delay due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions.

Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays do not count as business days.

Please Note:
Please kindly understand that we does NOT offer cancellations due to these delays.
Your tracking code will be sent to you once it is shipped.
We won’t be responsible for delay cause by couriers, as this is out of our control  , if your package does not arrive within 14 business days from shipment, please do not be panic, kindly contact us with your order information. We will help to solve this as soon as possible. 

***Kindly note that we do not ship to PO Boxes, APO or FPO addresses at this time.

Failure To Deliver
We are not responsible for packages sent back due to factors outside our control, such as the absence of the recipient, customs, etc. Additional shipping charges will result from such situations, which is not the same as our usual discounted shipping charge. When a shipment is sent back, we will contact you regarding the situation, and when proper action is not taken within 48 hours, we reserve the right to dispose the shipment.

Any re-shipping of the product, we will charge a delivery fees. 

Cancellation :

Once orders are placed, your package will be ready to ship or dispatch in a very short period of time. We do not accept any form of cancellations. 


Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with your ordered item, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. 

Considering most of our products are personal hygiene product, therefore we cannot accept any return of products after you have unbox and opened the products. You may request for a full refund as store credit or exchange for unopened items within 7 days from the receipt of original order. 
Return shipping is paid by your own. 
Items can't be refunded or exchanged after 7 days from the receipt of the original order. 
If you received the wrong product, we will offer a replacement, and the product need to ship back to us before any exchange can be carried out. If you wish to return the product for personal reasons, unfortunately we cannot accept it.

Any claims made after 14 days will not be compensated. If your package was lost during the shipment, please notify us as soon as possible so we can start an investigation of your case. If your package cannot be located at the end of the investigation, you may request a refund OR a replacement free of charge. If you don’t notify us within 14 days regarding the lost package, we will not be able to compensate for your lost package.

Please note that we do not offer exchanges for any items due to hygiene and safety concerns.

All returns must be:

  • Seal unopened 
  • Have no signs of used or opened
  • In its original condition with box and tags still attached (if any)
  • In all original packaging (plastic wrapping and box if applicable)
  • Within 7 days from the day you received the item

Please give extra cautious as the item remains in your care before it gets back to us.
Please do ensure that utmost care is taken when preparing the item to be returned to us. Once you have checked that everything is in place, you are ready to make the return of your purchase back to us   

We reserve the right to decline the return and refund if the reason of returning is not as per stated below (subject to our review and approval):

  • The returned product(s) purchased was bought during sale period at a promotional price
  • The returned product(s) is not in the original sealed packaging
  • The returned product(s) does not tally in accordance to your order invoice
  • The returned period has exceeded the stipulated timeline given

Refund Reimbursement & processing time
After your return's been confirmed, you'll be issued a
Store Credit equivalent to the purchase price of each returned item. We do not provide cash refunds for any return orders and delivery fees, if any, won't be refunded. Your return will be processed within 7 business days from when we receive it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions   




  • West Malaysia (西马) : RM8
  • East Malaysia (东马) : RM15

西马 RM40以上包邮、 东马 RM90以上包邮




物流公司方面的延迟我们一概不负责,因为不是我们可控制的  。要是您的快递在发货后14天工作日内还未收到,请立刻与我们联系,我们的客服会尽全力协助您。

***请注意,我们目前不向邮政信箱、APO 或 FPO 地址发货。


对于我们无法控制的因素(例如买家个人原因、收件人不在、海关等)而造成退回的包裹,我们概不负责。此类情况如需要再次运输,需买家承担快递费用,运费与我们通常的折扣运费会有所不同。当货件被退回时,我们会与您联系,如果在 48 小时内未取得任何回复,我们将保留处理货件的权利。


如果您对购买的产品不满意, 请立刻联络客服发起退货退款申请。考虑到我们的大部分产品都是个人卫生产品,因此我们不接受您开箱和打开产品后的任何退货。您可以在签收后的 7 天内要求全额退款或换货。申请退款后, 我们会尽快处理您的申请。退货运费需要您承担。

注:申请退款的数额将以Store Credit 的方式退换到您的账号。

签收7 天后,商品无法退款或换货。如果您收到错误的产品,我们将提供更换,并且运输错误的产品需要运回我们才能进行任何换货。如果您出于个人原因希望退回产品,很遗憾我们无法接受退货退款申请。

距发货日期14 天工作日后提出的任何索赔将不予赔偿。如果您的包裹在运输过程中丢失,请尽快联系我们,以便我们开始联系物流公司了解情况。如果确认无法找到您的包裹,您可以要求退款或免费更换。如果您的包裹丢失了并未在发货后14 天工作日内联系我们,我们将无法赔偿您丢失的包裹。



申请退货退款的产品必须满足以下条件 :

  • 商品必须未开封、未使用、原包装完整
  • 签收7天内发起退货申请

退货包装也务必好好包装,以防退货的途中遭到任何的损坏。一切准备就绪后,我们在收到您退的产品后我们会尽快处理 。谢谢您的耐心和理解! 


  • 退货产品在优惠期间以优惠价格购买
  • 退货/退款的产品已经开封或使用
  • 退货/退款的产品与您提供的订单信息不符
  • 退货/退款时间超时

Store Credit。我们不为任何退货订单提供现金退款,并且运费(如有)将不予退还。您的退货将在我们收到退货后的 7个工作日内处理。


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